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Laser Machine
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High Power Diode Laser Hair Removal 755 808 1064 Portable 808nm Home Use

  2022 New arrivals ice triple 755 808 1064nm wave laser epilation devicediode laser hair removal machine  I. ...

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Product Detal

Laser Machine  2022 New arrivals ice triple  755 808 1064nm wave laser epilation devicediode laser hair removal machine

  I. What is technology?

  It comes with gold standard 808nm (or 810nm) laser diode or semiconductors technology. They are assembled together to produce light for hair removal/hair reduction/depilation/epilation treatment!Medical Equipmentskin CareLaser Hair Removal  III. Application

  For fast, safe, painless and permanent hair removal on all 6 skin types, including dark skin. Suitable for any unwanted hairs on areas like face, arms, armpits, chest, back, bikini, legs...

  Can choose with 3 wavelength together into one machine 755&808&1064nmCO2 LaserDiode Laser  IV. Advantages than other lasers

  1.808nm diode laser enables the light to penetrate deeper into skin and is safer than other lasers because it can avoid the melanin pigment in the skin's epidermis. We can use it for permanent hair reduction of all color hairs on all 6 skin types, including tanned skin.

  2.808nm diode laser allows fast repetition rates up to 10Hz(10 pulses-per-second), with in-motion treatment, fast hair removal for big area treatment

  3. Probe built in with excellent contact cooling technology, PAIN-FREE hair removal

  IV. Machine Features:

  1. Deluxe and elegant body design, Europe style

  2.90% spare parts of handpiece are origin imported from Germany, USA and Japan, assure machine stable performance, amazing results and long time working.

  3. Perfect cooling system--- the sapphire temperature cools down 0~3°C, clients feel comfortable and painless during the whole treatment.

  Superior advantages: Long continuous working 24 hours with non-stop; Ensure stable function in busy clinic/salons

  4. Simple and friendly treatment menu, and auto alarm protection system of water flow, water level and water temperature on menu

  5.1: 1 energy test with USA Coherent energy meter:Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine  FAQ

  1. Who is suitable for 808nm Diode laser hair removal machine?

  Diode laser is designed to suit everyone, especially those who failed conventional light based hair removal systems such as IPL or Lasers. SHR will help you achieve less or no hair on those areas that trouble you. It is suitable for all skin types, even on dark toned skin and sensitive skin. It also works on light coloured and fine hair.

  2. Is it painful?

  No, it is not painful. It is a very comfortable procedure that can be used on the most sensitive body parts like Brazilian or Bikini. This is recommended for people with lower pain threshold.

  3. How many diode laser 808nm hair removal treatments machines will it take?

  This depends on the area being treated and can be influenced by sex, age and hormones.

  Studies show an average hair loss of approximately 80% after 6-8 treatments.

  Treatments are conducted 6 to 8 weeks apart.

  4. What to do after your treatment?

  You must have no sun exposure for 14 days after your treatment. It can take 2 weeks for the hair to fall out completely and many clients find an exfoliating towel very helpful.

  5. Diode laser 808nm hair removal machines can affect the function of the skin?

  Skin has many physiological functions, such as sweating, regulating body temperature, sensing, protecting body's function, absorbing and excreting, immune function and so on. Laser hair removal will not affect the function of the skin.

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  Tuosite beauty equipment company is one of leading manufacturer in the beauty industry,  specially producing beauty equipment and medical beauty equipment. We provide OEM and ODM service for beauty salon, trading company, distributors over the world.

  Our main products include HIFU, HIEMT Muscle Building, Diode laser hair removal, IPL,

  Cryolipolysis and Hydro facial equipment , and so on.

  We have been in this industry for 15 years and have a good reputation. Welcome friends and customers from all over the world to visit our factory.

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