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What is the process of permanent laser hair removal?

   2021-11-05 13:47:23

alma 808 diode laser hair removal machineWhat is the process of permanent laser hair removal?

  1. Skin preparation. The term is skin preparation. In layman's terms, it is shaving. Use a disposable hair removal knife to shave off all the body hair on the arm surface, so that the light wave can "pull up the roots" during hair removal. Please keep the hair removal clean before preparing the skin. To ensure the effect.

  2. Gel. Apply the gel with cooling and cooling effect to the hair removal area to maximize the protection of the skin and minimize the discomfort during the laser hair removal process. There is no hair on the inside of the arm, just apply an appropriate amount of gel. After hair removal, the inside will receive light waves "close contact" to achieve firming effect.

  3. Laser hair removal, repeated contact with the hair evenly and forcefully, and let the light wave completely "encircle and suppress" the hair roots. When the light intensity increases, the skin feels more and more intense. The application of light waves is different, the area and pain of each laser hair removal are different, and the area of ​​freezing point hair removal is relatively large, and there is no pain. The area of ​​photon hair removal is the same as that of freezing point hair removal. The laser hair removal area is small and the pain is more obvious.

  4. Clean, gently scrape off the gel, wash with water, quickly moisturize the skin after washing, and apply sunscreen. Do not use alkaline washing products such as soap to bathe within one week after hair removal.