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Why choose ice blue hydrofacial machine?

   2022-01-20 15:26:03

Why choose ice blue hydrofacial machine?

  1. The tablet can be used after power on, and the interface operation is simplified.
       There are ten languages (Chinese, English, Russian, German, Polish, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Turkish).

  2. The camera is upgraded to 24 million pixels, and the camera mode is optional: comprehensive detection, single-point detection.

  Three-spectrum (epidermal layer, dermis layer, UV light) high-definition camera, large-area camera acquisition, high-definition interface (USB) is used to connect the camera to take pictures, and the camera interface can be used interchangeably before and after.

  Test items (skin color analysis, water and oil balance, fine line analysis, inflammation analysis, pigmentation analysis, pore analysis).

  3. The oxygen injection gun is upgraded with rose gold nozzle. In order to meet customer requirements, the nozzle can be rotated left and right to adjust the atomization size, and the internal air pump is strengthened.

  4. The suction tip adds thermal bubble function, and the temperature is adjustable (5-70 degrees). There are 9 suction tips in total. Specifications are: 3 plastic flat mouths (2 with frosted), 3 inclined mouths, and 3 silicone mouths.

  5. The shovel knife optimizes the handle sound, the sound is small and the frequency is unchanged, the effect is good, and the experience is good.