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Are beauty machines more effective than skin care products?

   2022-01-19 17:00:06

Are beauty machines more effective than skin care products?

  Everyone generally thinks that the effect of beauty machines is greater than that of skin care products, and this view is correct.

  In order to supplement collagen, many beauties will come up with various methods, such as applying skin care products or oral protein solution. However, the effect is not satisfactory. Once the collagen you drink enters the human body and is broken down by the digestive system, very little is really absorbed.

  And skin care products are not reliable. If the absorption of the skin itself is not good, the essence that can play a role will of course be greatly reduced.

  Think about those skin care products you have, wasted in vain. At this time, it is time for the beauty machine to make a grand debut. If you have any skin problems that need to be improved, but you cannot recover after using skin care products, then quickly try the beauty machine, let your skin care products work, I believe it will give you a surprise.

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