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   2021-07-08 14:47:48

Varicose vein treatment methods:

1. Medical sequential decompression elastic stockings or elastic bandages: promote lower limb venous blood return, reduce venous blood stasis, and achieve control and delay the development of the disease.

2. Surgical treatment:

Traditional surgery: high ligation of great saphenous vein + point stripping;

Sclerotherapy: The principle is to inject sclerosing agent into varicose veins, causing vein spasm, adherence, local fixation, and instant thrombosis. The vein at the treatment site is replaced by a fibrous cord (sclerosis). This method has definite curative effect, small trauma, quick recovery, no incision, beauty, low cost, and few complications.

The most important advantage of treatments such as laser, radiofrequency, and atherectomy is that the postoperative scars are small or almost no scars.